Surveillance and Security

From a simple door camera to a multi-cam DVR integration with motion activated notifications, a camera system can transform how you work with your facility.

Remote Camera Viewing Systems

IP Cameras
  • Weatherproof
  • Fixed or Pan-Tilt-Zoom
  • HiDef Quality Images
  • Night Vision
  • Audio Recording
Remote Viewing Systems
  • Global Access
  • Viewing over smartphones
  • Wired and Wireless cameras
  • Standard IP networks
DVR Systems
  • Dedicated hardware servers
  • Multi camera systems
  • Off-site searching
  • Interface with existing alarm systems
  • Customer Service
  • Worker Safety
  • Loss Prevention
  • Liability

Automated Access Controls

Access Control Systems simplify security. Keyfobs or keycard systems can limit personnel from opening doors they shouldn't be.
Access privileges can be updated with a few keystrokes - as often as needed. No more re-keying due to employee turnover.
Every lock and unlock is captured and recorded - perfect for automated timecards and security logs. Accurate data gives a clear picture of who was where and when.
  • Intercoms / Doorphones
  • Automated Locks
  • Remote Opening and Closing
  • Inside and Outside
  • Doors & Gates